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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20080613165321" timestamp="2008-06-13T16:53:21Z" ns="0" title="Implications of Rewiring Bacterial Quorum Sensing" />
        <page value="20080822222023" timestamp="2008-08-22T22:20:23Z" ns="0" title="Simple Models for Biomembrane Structure and Dynamics" />
        <page value="20080823044709" timestamp="2008-08-23T04:47:09Z" ns="0" title="The Possibility of Automated Experiments for Inference of Metabolic Models" />
        <page value="20080826153316" timestamp="2008-08-26T15:33:16Z" ns="0" title="On the origin of symmetry in biology: Protein oligomers" />
        <page value="20080902173705" timestamp="2008-09-02T17:37:05Z" ns="0" title="Discovering the role of Protein Dynamics in RNA recognition motifs" />
        <page value="20080930174956" timestamp="2008-09-30T17:49:56Z" ns="0" title="Modelling of the Mitotic Spindle Assembly Checkpoint using SimBiology" />
        <page value="20081001232650" timestamp="2008-10-01T23:26:50Z" ns="0" title="Origin of the Domestic Dog" />
        <page value="20081001232724" timestamp="2008-10-01T23:27:24Z" ns="0" title="HIV Vaccines" />
        <page value="20081001232758" timestamp="2008-10-01T23:27:58Z" ns="0" title="An Engineer&#039;s View of the Cell" />
        <page value="20081001233429" timestamp="2008-10-01T23:34:29Z" ns="0" title="Contact Us" />
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